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Postby Someone Else » Fri May 20, 2011 6:37 pm

Sonic wrote:
Someone Else wrote:I actually never tried setting any of the electrical boolean properties to true. I will try that when I remember.
Also, did you see how many variables hinges now have? it's insane! And half of them are electrical!

Also, I discovered the "Bend" thing in a hinge script menu. It acts somewhat like a servo in Laputan Blueprints- it makes the hinge want to have a certain angle that you set. It's in radians, so... that gets a little confuzing. Certainly could be useful for robotic arms and such.

Radians are easy. The formula to convert degrees to radians is X=pi/180, with X being the degrees. You can probably find a program that converts it.

What I mean is, to someone like me who is used to working with degrees, and does not know radians (unlike me), radians can be a little strange.

Also, the developers have included a demo of the Bend thing within Tank.phz- the turret is held in place with it.
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