Possible to make a deformable shell?

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Possible to make a deformable shell?

Postby mlevin77 » Tue May 19, 2020 2:21 pm

I would like to simulate the following, and I need to know if Algodoo is a good environment for this:

1) I want an outer shell, let's say a sphere, which is deformable - like aluminum foil, it has some finite number of points on it that when you pull or push, you deform the shell and it stays in the new shape until a different force deforms it. I want to fill it with objects that will interact with each other and on the shell, deforming the outer perimeter (e.g., a ball bouncing inside, deforming the shell and thus bouncing differently in the next steps because the shell is no longer spherical).

2) is algodoo scriptable, so that I can call that simulation multiple times with different layouts of the springs and different parameters?
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