I noticed something strange

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I noticed something strange

Postby unze2unze4 » Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:25 pm

I did a little experiment, and i noticed something odd about the collective velocities of two objects bouncing in a room.

What I did:
I turned off gravity and air friction
I created four planes, which formed a small room.
I put a box and a circle in said room.
I made the planes, box, and circle have zero friction and 1 restitution.
I moved around the box and circle so they would be bouncing around, never losing energy.

The weird part:
I selected both of the objects and got a plot of them.
I selected velocity x over velocity y.
I noticed that the graph was only showing 90* or 180* turns, bending at right angles.
When i dragged the box, however, the graph showed squiggly meaningless readings.
When i let go of it, it started moving only at right angles again.

Any mathematical reason why this would happen?
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Re: I noticed something strange

Postby FRA32 » Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:46 am

The mathematical Reason behind this is that every time an object collides, it's velocity isbasically reflected once, and then stays until the next collision. In such a "reflection" the 2 velocity parts INSTANTLY jump from one value to the other, causing the 90° angles. When you drag an object, you keep changing the velocity all the time, which results in a squiggly curve. Unaltered, the velocity is always the same left for the collision changes.
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