What happened to Algodoo?

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What happened to Algodoo?

Postby Strv_777 » Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:57 pm

Greetings! I've been in Algodoo since 2017, but at this time I just forgot the entire Algodoo community and software, I just recently found it, I was really interested looking into older scenes around 2009-2014 years, for me it was seemed to be the best years for Algodoo and its community, if I found out about it earlier and I didn't forgot it, I could do some good content. But now Algodoo seems to be completely abandoned by its developers, I recently found out about creator of Algodoo named Emil Ernerfeldt, who left the Algodoo and thus, it was the start of Algodoo to become abandonware, now the Algobox seems to be turned into wastelands (At least for me). What happened to famous Algodoo users? What happened to this whole forum? Is Algodoo will ever get the second breath, or it will be in coma and eventually will die? I am so worried because this software has so much potential! :cry:
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Re: What happened to Algodoo?

Postby electronicboy » Wed Aug 25, 2021 11:46 am

most of us moved on, I still peek back once in a blue moon but, generally, no time to peek back here

Algodoo was basically too far ahead, most schools didn't really have the hardware for this and being that education was the primary target and such, it didn't really pan out as expected and so the project was basically laid to rest, I think that they did say that they may return in the future, but, generally, outside of things like an x64 build for mac last year, there really hasn't been much from them;

Algoryx works on other things outside of Algodoo which actually has traction in the industry, so, they're still around, but, Algodoo really ain't a huge hit for them right now and there it probably a lot of time needed to catch up as such
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