Algodoo's new life on YouTube?

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Algodoo's new life on YouTube?

Postby Ken3344 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:05 am

So, DoodleChaos has this amazing Youtube channel about music synchronization, and they have some videos using Algodoo. You probably know this person from videos like "Visualizing Drum Styles with Bouncing Balls", or "Alan Walker - Force (Synchronized to 2D Physics)" They have uploaded a new video called "The Piano Printer - Digital Marble Machine"
Anyways, I've heard people say that Algodoo is a mostly dead program that has no future, or say it is only for marble races on Youtube now. While it might be true that the vast majority of videos using Algodoo are marble race related; they have been gaining traction in the past few years, which is good for everyone. Many channels like Marks Marble Racing, Bluza, Raptersonic; including smaller channels like Crazy Marble Races, Carson Jay, and even yours truly, starting to gain subscribers and views on the platform. While the vast majority of people making videos on Algodoo are marble racers; there is DoodleChaos using Algodoo for music synchronization. It really comes to show you that Algodoo is becoming the next Minecraft on YouTube. :thumbup:
Hello my name is Kenlimepie. I'm an Algodoo Enthusiast, and Marble Racer. I run a Youtube channel which is about Algodoo Marble Racing, but I am not afraid to design new ideas in this program.
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