MADNESS (40 000 hp for BigBlock-size engine)

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MADNESS (40 000 hp for BigBlock-size engine)

Postby eanayayo » Wed May 17, 2017 8:02 pm


>>>>>> <<<<<<<<

!!! Wrong power measurment in the video because of transmission slip !!!

Simulation x0.1 and 1000 hz
Car mass 1003 kg
Engine mass 118 kg
Rear wheel friction +inf
Spring rod constant 10^8 and damping 2. I forgot to show it in the video, also works perfectly with damping = +inf
Engine torque up to 50 000 nm, power 40 000 hp and 8000 RPM
Spawn circles only, no vibrations, no "jet force" and no cheating of course :)
0-100 km/h ---- 0.25 s
0-500 km/h ---- 1.25 s
T O T A L L Y M A D N E S S :lol:
And I'll upload this scene only if someone explains how I did it :geek:

P.S. I have not finished 120 hz engine because it spins over 120 rad/s and has some "ignition" problems
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