APS Stechkin

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APS Stechkin

Postby Meerkoos » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:18 am


Stay tuned for the development of a fully functional APS Stechkin pistol animation. It will have a fully detailed and rendered skin, along with authentic mechanics, including the interesting plunger inertial rate-reducer. Will try to make it function at 700RPM.

Planned features will include:

-New generation Real-Blowback cartridges developed by me
-Full internals
-Skin representing a 1958 production APS with bakelite shoulder stock
-700RPM operation (expect 700-800Hz refresh rates!)
-Authentic double-action, single action trigger mechanism
-Authentic safety system with rebounding hammer and decocker

I will post progress in a later date.

See you guys soon!
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