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100% Real Time 30 Second Movies

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:04 am
by crytek
Who can make the coolest real time recording of Algodoo?

Whoever can make the coolest 30 second recording of Algodoo "sped up to real time" is the winner.


1. Make a scene with a bounch of cool breakable stuff (for example: breakable buildings).

2. Record the stuff getting wrecked in some sort of way.

3. When your done, speed up the recording so it looks like its playing in 100% real time.

4. Upload your video to Youtube and send me the link. Make sure the video description says that the video was made for this contest.

I will announce the winner after 5 people enter in the competition. I will upload a video showing the name of the winner and the video he/she made.

Heres one that I made a long time ago, but it could of been a little bit more sped up (credit to Messiah for the building) :

If you use a creation made by another user, make sure to give that user credit.