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Easy Micro and Macro RC contest

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:14 pm
by Torpedo
Decided to make a simple contest with a minor difference.

Your welcome to construct your machine on a large scale then shrink it down to make constructing it easier, of course, just to note that. as on a small scale building is more difficult!

Your machine may be entered in one of two classes, Macro, or micro. Macro cars are built within the confines of the larger red box, micro cars are built within the small green box. you may enter a car into both, and it may be the same car. you can ask me to scale one of your cars up or down from the original scene to the maxium allowable size of the other class if you wish also so that may be entered, but bear in mind your suspension settings will cause you problems if that is the case.


* No modifying the scene!
* No attraction
* No Density greater than 2kg
* No MaterialVelocity
* No Controller acceleration
* No starting velocity permitted
* No restitution change allowed. must be standard 0.5
* No friction change allowed, must be standard 0.5
* Any torque and speed setting is acceptable.
* The body and the wheels must collide with A. No exterior part is allowed that does not collide with A.
(new users I recommend you use "no self collision" to prevent parts you didn't want to collide colliding)
* You must have a wobbly aerial! if you dont know how to make one, you can drag the aerial off of one of my examples and attach it to yours. The aerial may be outside of the build area.
* as said, red is build area for macro class. green is build area for micro class. the aerial may exceed these boundries.
* I will run the scene and judge your time. I may rerun the scene if there was an unusual occurance, say the vechile flips or rebounds harshly. The best time will be used in that case.
* No loopholes! be in the spirit of a simple contest!


There are two standards this contest runs by. time. and simplicity.

* There are 10 points up for grabs on your vechiles appearance.
* Vechile simplicity. there are 10 points up for grabs. 25 points is maximum score, every 3 elements over 25 will lose you 1 point. (so for instance, 28 will be 9, 29 will be 8) minimum score is therefore zero at 55 elements.
* My micro class car managed roughly 45 seconds time. Every second faster than this, you will gain a point. every second slower, lose a point. Seconds are rounded to nearest.
* My macro class car managed roughly 25 seconds time. Every second faster than this, you will gain a point. every second slower, lose a point. Seconds are rounded to nearest.

Therefore you need to make a balance between good looking, and simple, and quick, to score the highest.

Contest ends midnight friday 18th. plenty of time for any new members to come and give it a try as they join.

Below are examples of both a macro and a micro car!

Author: Torpedo
Title: macro RC car contest
File Size: 35.6 kB
Rating: Image

Author: Torpedo
Title: micro RC car contest
File Size: 29.1 kB
Rating: Image

Use either of these scenes to create your entry within, both are identical bar the car that is in them right now.

Re: Easy Micro and Macro RC contest

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:04 am
by RA2lover
can i use an remote control OUTSIDE of the build box to control the vehicle with thyme?
also, contest ends in what timezone?

Re: Easy Micro and Macro RC contest

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:33 am
by Torpedo
Given the rules, not really no. Its overcomplicating things to end up with signal lag from the remote anyway isnt it? However, you would be welcome to make a non entry version using this scene that has a thyme remote externally.

Idea is just to have a nice simple competition for either newbies, or just something a bit more easy going :)

You could thyme within the box if you want to similuate nitro engine control for instance, if you think it'll help get a good time... ;) but realisticly, im looking to avoid thyme here.

time zone for ending is GMT.

I may have to have a go at making a remote at some point now though lol, I've done similar before for a vairiable throttle on a spring engine i made.