Shoot The Ragdoll Contest

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Shoot The Ragdoll Contest

Postby KJupe » Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:22 pm

Now, the ragdoll in Phun/Algodoo has got away with many things over the past years, not anymore!

Building only in the RED ZONE, you must fire a 40kg Deathball (Patent Pending), 100m into a ragdoll, destroying it as much as possible!

I will be rating out of 120 on these 6 things:

Up to:

20 for Speed
20 for How elaborate
20 for Looks
20 for Ragdoll Pain
20 for Mechanism
20 for Repeat (How many times this works before an error occurs in firing or aiming)

Extra Rules:

Only use the one Deathball please.
If the build ends outside the Red Zone, it's disqualified, but if it is outside of the red zone when the ball has been fired, then it is still a valid shot

Here is the ragdoll and the scene:

Author: KJupe
Title: Ragdoll Shooting contest
File Size: 35.73 kB
Rating: Image

Get Firing
Image <----- Please give me Internets! Plz, FTW?
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