Honda Civic Tuner Chalange

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Honda Civic Tuner Chalange

Postby vaidas369 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:43 am

Ok, so this challenge is unique,
Because you do not have to create anything. Rather, you'll perform and tune your ride!
That's right. You heard it, you'll be a tuner for this speed and performance competition!
:lol: 8-)

What to do?
Download scene bellow, and other information, but I'll add a copy so you would have Idea of what this is all going to be about.

Ok now to the fun part. You will find this scene in a contest section on Forums,
that way, we can connect better.
No, you do not have to build anything this time so put these what's the challenge comments.
So this is the car you're going to be modding the living sh*t out of it.
Here's how rules work.
#1 In order to compete DO NOT MODIFY SCENE
Or in other words, don't cheat. That simple.
As like last one, don't modify it.
If you do not want to participate in challenge/contest you are welcome to do anything. To make things easier here's how to add more money:
Open console by pressing this key ( ` ) then type = 20000 and press enter. You now have more than enough money to spend around! :D
So back to the rules...
#3 Don't make stuff up and just have fun.
Yep, that's it!
Ok, now you might wonder, well how does this contest work?
#1 You tune your ride as you think is the best
#2 Run a full test drive with writing down your:
0-100 time
0-160 time
0-200 time
Add these numbers up. Don't add if you get something like 3.00000002.... You get what I mean.
Soo adding all numbers up, so, for example, I got with stock this:
0-100 - 9.1
0-160 - 23.1
0-200 - 46.9
I mean damn that is slow... haha. So add all these numbers up.
9.1+23.1+46.9= 71.9
So with this score 71.9 you comment and see what others got.And the person having the lowest number is the winner!
You can also share what configuration you used to achieve your score if you want lol. So have fun and let the tuning begun!
My best is so far:
(new update and new time now)
0-100 - 3.1
0-160 - 6.7
0-200 - 10.2
20.0 Can you beat me?""

Download and challenge!
Civic 1.051.phz
(734.53 KiB) Downloaded 293 times
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Re: Honda Civic Tuner Chalange

Postby pnvv » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:13 am

I got:

0-100 in 2.8
0-160 in 6.6
0-200 in n/a (engine exploded xD)

What settings did you use? I maxed all the engine and upgraded the tires a lil

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Re: Honda Civic Tuner Chalange

Postby vaidas369 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:38 pm

Can't remember now but I could duplicate.
The secret to it is just tested out different variations, and find these sweet spots for maximum performance.
It is very possible buddy :) I can tell you one thing for sure AWD is a must have.
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