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Hovercar Contest

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:08 am
by Jimmyfisherman
This is a contest to build the best vehicle you can... without touching the ground!

The vehicle must fit in the red box. The box is 10 meters square.
No part may touch the ground while being firmly attached to the body. This means that no parts may be used to provide a significant upward force against the ground.
The collision layers of the ground may not be altered, nor can its material be altered.
It is acceptable for parts of the vehicle to touch the ground while it is moving faster than 10 m/s.
The hovering action must be fully automatic and it also must be able to adjust to different terrains.
Nothing with +inf inertiaMultiplier may be firmly attached to the body, but such objects may still be used to build the vehicle. They may not have any effect on the rotation.
It must be controlled using the Left, Right, and Down arrow keys (for simplicity).
All of the parts must move as a single assembly. Nothing can be stationary.
Propulsion should be a spawn jet system or similar means, but forward movement cannot be done with script. Hovering however, can be scripted. The Geometry Controller may not be used (its just way too simple).

Entries are scored as follows:
Stability: A good hovercar must be stable, right? I mean, who wants to ride in something that's gonna flip over?
Efficiency: Nobody wants a hovercar that weighs ten tons. Seriously, how is that going to work out?
Versatility: Well.. Its a car. It needs to go places. If it only works on a completely flat surface, you'll lose points. It needs to be able to adjust with rough terrain.
Test Scene: It needs to be able to complete the test course on the entry base scene. Judgment will be based on how fast this can be done.

Contest ends on New Year's Eve at 12:00 AM.... You have the rest of the year to submit your entries. Post them here on this topic. Also, give your vehicle a name. Who wants to say "username's Hovercar" when you could name it whatever you want (Just keep it appropriate.).

Re: Hovercar Contest

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:54 am
by pnvv
Way back in the days of Phun, I once built a really awesome magnetic hovercar. It was just powered by the geom controller and it was actually pretty fast and handled terrain well.

Now if only I could remember how I did it cuz whenever I try to make something hover with magnets it just slides along the ground really fast…

And also, does a laser count as a part touching the ground?

OH, and I was on Algobox the other day and found this. I didn't make it, the thyme involved is way outta my league, but dude, it's awesome! Good job Alien_RG! :clap: :thumbup: :thumbup: :clap: :D :thumbup: