How to properly upload scenes to Algobox

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How to properly upload scenes to Algobox

Postby faytree » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:44 pm

For months, I'm seeing people uploading scenes into wrong groups. Which, I did not fully blame them because some people mostly use Algodoo's
built in browser. So, today I'm going to teach you how to upload scenes properly :)
Disclaimer:Make sure that you do not use Algodoo's built in browser, since it doesn't have this scene editing feature which I will show to you later

  • Step 1
    Open your internet browser and go to
    you can log into your account over here:
  • Step 2 (uploading a scene)
    After logging in, click upload Image
    and you will be greeted with this section that you might not be that familiar with
    next, click the "Choose File" button. Right after that, Windows Explorer will pop up, make sure that it's directed to C:\Users\your username\Documents\Algodoo\scenes

    you can either:
    *Double click the file you chose
    *Click the file you chose and click a button that shows "Open"
  • Step 3
    you may now name the scene title and add any description just like you do in Algodoo. But here's the important part

    If you're uploading an Algodecathlon scene, BFDI, TWOW, camps, or anything related, then choose this group:

    but, if you're uploading a sophisticated scene, hoping to gain more attention (no sarcasm intended), then choose this group:

    If you're uploading scenes that don't match any other categories in the groups section(yes, there's more in the group library), then choose this:

    After all done, click "Upload File!" and enjoy! :)

I hope that this tutorial help you guys out ;)
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