How can I make a transmission/gearbox?

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How can I make a transmission/gearbox?

Postby Epic_SkyPilot » Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:49 pm

I've been looking for a long time to try and find out how I can make one of these. I really want to make one to combine with my spring engine, but I just can't find success. I know i want a 4-5 speed that's easily controlled with 1, 2, etc. I also know I'd prefer using the laser collision method to change the collision layers of the circles in the transmission, or "gears." I hope this all makes sense, all I need help with is the scripting. I don't know how to make one laser affect all the gears so that only one can collide with the engine at a time. Please anyone help me out, with an example scene or a step by step tutorial. Thanks in advance.
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Re: How can I make a transmission/gearbox?

Postby pnvv » Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:21 pm

Here's my method;

First you will need to know how to make a hinge work like a driveshaft. This is accomplished by setting hingeConstant very low, turning brake on and giving it inf power.

Then you need to create a driveshaft from your engine to a separate circle, which we will call Circle A. Then, create several smaller circles (4 or 5 in this case, but it can be as high as you want) each with their own collision group centered on circle A. Then attach all those circles to Circle A using "Glue together" or fixjoints or something.

Then create another circle that meshes with each circle attached to circle A. (Be sure to give each a different collision group or it won't work.) Then select "Add center axle" on each of the meshing circles so they'll all touch at the same time. If you turn your engine on all the circles should spin at different speeds. Then give each of those circles a driveshaft to the axle you want to be powered but don't set brake on all of them; assign each of them a button for brake, like 1, 2, 3 ,4…. etc. I wish I could provide a screenshot but my computer's not working right now and I'm responding from a phone :problem:

I've found his method works better than any laser system I've tried.

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