If laser is hitting...

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If laser is hitting...

Postby The mask » Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:18 pm

Could anyone explain me how to change a variable when a laser is hitting and change it again when it stops hitting an object? :roll:

For example I've got a box and a laser when the laser hits the box scene.my.var1 = 0 and when it stops hitting the box scene.my.var1 = 1.

It could be used as a kind of movement sensor or tilting sensor just like here:

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Re: If laser is hitting...

Postby StephenAlverez » Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:09 am

Take a circle and put an offcenter motor in it, put it at +inf strength and 600 rpm, and put that circles on collide to scene.my.var1=1.
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Re: If laser is hitting...

Postby Mr_Stabby » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:12 am

if its motion sensor you want use this in laser

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(e)=> {e.laser.color==[1,0,0,1]?{e.laser.color=[e.pos(0), e.pos(1), 0, 1]}:{}; e.pos != [e.laser.color(0), e.laser.color(1), 0, 1]?{scene.my.var=1}:{scene.my.var=0} }

yells when anything tries to pass under it but you cant move it unless you compensate with extra scripting to reevaluate its default pos when moved, another way would be

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(e)=>{check=0; check=e.geom.entityID; check==0?{e.geom.entityID:=1; app.step; app.undo}:{}; e.laser.color==[1,0, 0, 1]?{e.laser.color=[e.geom.entityID, 0, 0, 1]}:{}; e.geom.entityID!=e.laser.color(0)?{scene.my.var=1}:{scene.my.var=0}}

doesent detect motion but rather what object its hitting, immune to movement as long as the default backstop remains the same
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