[Readme] Getting Thyme Help

About advanced scenes, and the Thyme scripting language used in Algodoo.

[Readme] Getting Thyme Help

Postby electronicboy » Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:05 am

When requesting help on the forums, please use the search tools on the forums.

When using the search tool, remember that a computer doesn't speak english, when you use the search tool, it's looking for posts /containing the words you've entered/, instead of searching for long phrases, use key terms, try to avoid using generic words, such as "and", we use the word "and" to allow us to read sentences easily, however a computer isn't smart. It takes every word you enter and tries to find topic containing every word you've asked for, and statistically speaking, the more words you have, the less chance you have of finding.

Computers are dumb, we look at them as being one of the smartest objects on our planet, however they're only doing what a human has told it to do, by the process of programming.

If you can't find anything, or what you have done has failed, read the stickies. The stickies are topics which have been deamed as an admin as being a major resource to beginner and even the more novice of users.

If none of the above helps your with your issue, feel free to create a new topic (please try to avoid bumping topics. It makes it harder to track issues in the progress of being fixed), ensuring you have the following details:

    - Version of Algodoo (If you don't state your version of algodoo, we will presume you're using the latest version.

    - A description of the problem. Try to give as much detail as possible, what exactly you want, preferably using numbered bullet points.

    - Images speak a lot louder and more precisely than words. You can either upload your scene to algobox and use the [scene] tags.
    Leaving comments and annotations in the scene can be handy at pointing the people taking the time to help you in the right direction, and save everyone a lot of time.

Please try to avoid bumping your own topics within 48 hours!
Please don't expect support within a few hours.
Depending upon the complexity of your issue will affect how many people will be able to help you, what may seem as simple in your mind, can be complex programming side.

Thanks for reading!
When asking for help, READ THE STICKIES!
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