Thyme coding for younger students

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Thyme coding for younger students

Postby mike4017 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:49 pm

I am a high school physics teacher and have used Algodoo for years with my students. Our school is a Project Lead the Way Engineering school with several of its courses being taught from grades 6-12. I would like to have my physics students learn a little Thyme coding in Algodoo (simple coding in younger ages is being pushed in the STEM education community.) I don't know the best way to get them started. I haven't done any coding in years. The Thyme Algodoo forum tutorial (viewforum.php?f=13) has all the syntax, but I am looking for more of a step by step tutorial fit more towards younger students in a classroom. Has anyone seen a simple tutorial? Thnx
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Re: Thyme coding for younger students

Postby FRA32 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:56 am

Many people have attempted to make thyme tutorials(Including me), however, they often end up burried away and incomplete. One tutorial page I contributed a bit to is, which holds the most important information one needs to use thyme properly.
The best method to teach Thyme is to first thoroughly understand it yourself and then transfer your knowledge in a reasonable way over to your students. If you have questions regarding thyme, I can help out, but I am not a teacher myself, so I have no experience in effective explaining.
In my opinion, it would be most reasonable to start with showing how thyme mostly revolves around assigning stuff to other stuff, then proceed over on how to use the avaiable types of variables (Start with variables that are used commonly and have a clearly visible effect, gravity is always funny), and then you would carry over to how you can make this simple basis more powerfull by using if statements, formulas and the different types of events in each object. The wikia page kinda follows this order already, so I hope it can help you out.
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