Known issues and TODO

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Known issues and TODO

Postby admin » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:03 pm

This will be updated regularly. We keep an internal TODO list also of course (that contains loads of top-secret stuff 8-) ), so things here are mainly those pointed out by users. PLEASE, read this post carefully before posting so that you don't repost well known things. No need for you to post in this particular thread, unless you have something very important to say. We'll collect information from all other posts/threads and place that here.

  • Not all normal forces or friction forces are visualized in force/vector visualization mode. This will be fixed (but will often clutter the scene when all forces are visualized. An upcoming fix will allow visualization of forces per object. This looks real neat!
  • Default author name cannot be changed, but is tied to the license every time the application is restarted. Fixed in upcoming maintenance release.
  • exit command can be exploited in script files to close down the application. This will be fixed in several ways.
  • some thyme variables lose their values, e.g. text strings
  • Objects disappear after a save
  • Incompressible water is destroyed by high friction
  • separation of graviational mass an inert mass (as in AgX) for scripting purposes, and for hydrodynamic modeling
  • Springs that are put between a fixated object and the background can not be edited, even after the fixate is removed.

When we have settled a date for a maintenance release, we will announce this date, so there's no reason to ask for a release date.
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