Spawned Fixjoints attached to background.

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Spawned Fixjoints attached to background.

Postby Strv » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:10 pm

Im trying to make an arrow-shooting weapon such as Bow, Crossbow, which projectile has ability to "stick" to surfaces by spawning fixjoints on collided part.
The spawning fixjoints are succesful, but problem is that they're attached to background, even with "e.pos" script.
Help me to solve addFixJoint problem..phz
The scene.
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Re: Spawned Fixjoints attached to background.

Postby Kilinich » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:46 pm

It's a bug in Algodoo 2.1, spawned entities couldn't be attached to existing :(

Nevertheless, one of my old scene still working fine (at least at start until firt undo)...
It works with hardcoded geomIDs, not the same as run-time geomID :crazy:
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