[readme] Requesting help

If you have problems installing or running Algodoo, have found a bug or need in-game help - this is it!

[readme] Requesting help

Postby electronicboy » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:55 am

Before reporting a bug, please check the Frequently Asked Questions and use the search tools on the forums.
When using the search tool, don't use a long phrase such as "why is my GUI invisible", use key words, such as "GUI invisible", you're likely to find a relevant topic which saves the communities time, as well as help you sort out your issue a lot faster.

If you can't find anything, or what you have done has failed, if the issue has appeared after loading a scene, or Algodoo was running fine when you first installed it, try to reset algodoo by launching algodoo while holding <shift>, or using the designated shortcut in the start menu, or deleting the config file from Documents/Algodoo.

If you have recently updated a major component of your system such as the GPU drivers, consider restoring the older drivers.
In rare cases buggy drivers are released which break many applications. These are usually fixed with the next update, so it might be worth checking back after a week or two to see if there is a new version released.

On the other hand, If you haven't updated them, please view System Requirements; [Shaders Not Supported], the spoiler section contains technical information, as well as information on how to update check for drivers on Windows.

If none of the above fixes your issue, feel free to create a new topic (please try to avoid bumping topics. It makes it harder to track issues in the progress of being fixed), ensuring you have the following details:
- Version of Algodoo
- Your operating system (Mac, Windows, and version of these)
- A description of the problem. Try to give as much detail as possible, this makes it easier to determine the actual issue.
- Please attach a copy of Logfile.txt, which can be found in "My Documents/Algodoo/" in Windows, "~/Library/Application Support/Algodoo/" on MacOS.
This file contains debug infomation about any errors algodoo comes across while loading, and contains infomation such as the GPU installed, as well as the driver manufacturer, which can help greatly with isolating rendering issues.
-If applicable, please upload a screenshot to a site such as imgur.

Please try to avoid bumping your own topics!
Please don't expect support within a few hours.
As the main provider of technical support, as well as assistance from a few users, we can only be active for so many hours a day.
On the other hand, if there has been no reply on your topic for 2-3 days, ONE bump after your post is allowed, this allows you to ensure that your topic has been seen by an admin.

Thanks for reading, and lets hope we can solve your issue!
When asking for help, READ THE STICKIES!
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