Submit a poll in a post, or post multiple polls in the OP

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Submit a poll in a post, or post multiple polls in the OP

Postby Rrobba » Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:05 pm

Suggestion - Ability to submit a poll in a post, or post multiple polls in the OP

My suggestion is to allow for the submitting of a poll into a thread, not just when you make one at the very start of a thread. In other words, I want to be able to post a poll within a standard post, such as this one. Alternatively, the ability to create more than one poll in the OP (the very first post in a thread - usually the introduction - made by the thread maker - which, in the case of this thread, is the post you are currently reading).

The rules

Only the OP (creator) of a thread can post multiple polls within his posts in a thread. This will mean that we won't get a bunch of poll spam (assuming the OP wants his thread to remain on track) from people randomly asking questions. The thread maker can post a new poll when he feels it is relevant to the topic in discussion.


I think it would be a useful, easy to implement feature that could help some threads evolve or come to a conclusion. I'll give some examples:


Currently, contest winners are almost always decided solely by the contest maker, which seems only fair. However, in some cases (whether by logic or because the contest creator doesn't really understand or fairly distribute marks and points to entries and contestants), a community-driven winner would be more suitable. However, the thread-maker cannot make the poll when he first makes the thread - he can't possibly know what contestants will emerge. This feature would allow him/her to make the poll once all entries have been submitted. Also, it could allow for multiple polls for multiple categories (e.g. a poll for the most creative scene, another for the most well-designed, etc.) - something that simply can't be done using the one default poll provided at the thread start.


In some cases, multiple things are suggested in a thread in the suggestions forum section. Here polls could be submitted for each suggestion to get a clear indication of public feedback towards each suggestion - some may be great, some may not - one poll for a collective response wouldn't be suitable because the thread may contain many good, and many bad suggestions. An individual poll could be posted for each suggestion with perhaps a 'I support/I do not support/Already suggested' list of options.

The feature in practice

On a more thread-specific note, I will explain how this system could perhaps be implemented in certain threads.

Example 1 - the '2010 Member Awards' thread. That thread lead to a messy bombardment of user posting multiple responses to the various categories of Member Awards, with their nominations included. These nominations then had to be counted by the thread maker, who, if you look at the thread in full, was accused of miscounting the votes. A system that allows multiple polls via posts would lead to: a) a much cleaner, neater thread with relevant polls for each category and b) a fairer vote count system without any human bias or errors.

Example 2 - the Gaming Thread. The gaming thread's original poll was 'Which do you prefer - the PS3, 360 or Wii' however a poll was never made for, for example, DS vs PSP. Nor will one be made for the PS4 vs Xbox 3 vs Wii 2 because more polls can't be posted later on as topic evolves. Creating a new poll to replace the old one, which is still relevant, isn't ideal. Also, certain consoles can't really be placed into the same poll, so multiple ones are needed - which isn't currently possible. This thread is also filled with constant arguments over which games are better, which game has better graphics, etc. These could far more easily be settled via a simple user-poll rather than mindless rambling. That's not to say discussion should be obliterated - on the contrary I encourage debates and discussion, but in certain occasions, a system like this would be far more efficient and effective.

Bottom Line

I guess the point of this was simply to suggest the implementation of one of two things - the ability to post more than one thread in the thread makers original post, or the ability to submit more polls within a normal post later on in a thread's life.
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