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But you stole it. :tdown:

ivanoski, this car has some RIDICULOUS suspension

Good anyway though!

Even Kilinich was amazed!

Me, too.

Awesome :tup:

I wanna play Minecraft now...

EDIT: Is it ok if I make a version like this? I'll give you the credit for starting this, of course.
Last edited at 2011/08/31 23:32:36 by mold999
Its much more exciting when you add explosives :coolgrin:
Just to show that, if you drag the box along the ground, the water still falls straight down, and doesn't spread out. ;)
I can't find the controls anywhere. I've checked the plane, and the surrounding area, but I can't find them. They must be right in front of my nose, but I don't see them.



Redownloaded, I see the box now.
Last edited at 2013/01/10 22:15:10 by mold999
Is there an absolute value function?

I tried


but it didn't work. Same with:

Xray - вы русский?

Kilinich - Shouldn't the code in the pos box keep the waves in one spot? I am confused, how do they move with the boat?

Nevermind, I see now.
Last edited at 2013/01/21 02:29:58 by mold999
You can simplify the game and make adding more levels and hallways easier by removing the onCollides controllerAcc scripts from the boxes, and putting this into the onCollide of the Character:

e.other.colorHSVA = [0, 1, 1, 1];
e.other.controllerAcc = {sim.running ? {e.other.colorHSVA = e.other.colorHSVA - [0, 0, 0, 0.01]} : {}}

Now you can add any object to the scene and have it fade from red to black when it collides.
Can't read all of the Russian, but I think that the left dial is speed, the middle is altitude, and the right is the angle.

The switch on the far right is gas, I think.

Was I any close?
Eh, close enough:D

Я немного понимаю по-Русский:D

Хорошоя работа!
I can't get the cannons to fire, I keep holding enter but nothing is happening.
There is no need for the

color := random

It will make a random color without that line. There is no built-in "random" function, so Algodoo doesn't recognize what "random" means.
Yes, I am aware. But I thought I explained it well enough, and to be honest, I was too lazy to make that. :+

I believe it is called a "cycloid" curve. :)
Last edited at 2013/01/23 20:14:53 by mold999
I hope other people will understand too. :D
I got 5/10 :y

Great game! However, I suggest that you change the letters to numbers, 1-9. Most of the time I didn't know where the keys were on my keyboard. :bonk:

No, I got it on 9.8 m/s. :)

I was able to hit in the general area of the key, so I was sometimes able to hit the right one. ;)
He means, there are 3 vehicles in the scene, but you say, "You and your 3 friends".

Also, why is it just a massive plane on it's side?
This is a scene from the pre-made scene folder.

I made something like this a while ago, but never uploaded it. :bonk:

No, it is only a change in the speed of light. In the game, the speed of light is inf m/s, which is, of course, inaccurate. :+ If you are simulating something like light bending because of gravity, the light at inf m/s will not bend. If you change the speed to 3.0 x 10^8, it will act as normal light does, and bend. :)

The inf m/s thing is probably there so that if you are using lasers to activate some script, the light won't bend. :unsure:
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