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I can't wait for someone to use this in a good car. It should have some awesome backfiring effects!
Some people are rude. It works for me, but it seems like it has less torque/ power than it should? Maybe a gear indicator would be nice so i can make sure the gear is getting selected. (sometimes they dont switch the first time you press the number) Reguardless, the skin looks amazing and I'm glad someone finally did something with a rotary engine.
No worries faytee. I wasn't talking about you.
Are those ailerons on the tail? How would that work?
I think your airfrictionMult might have been a little too high. Very nice looking scene though!
This is suprisingly hard to cheat at:D
This game can be very addicting. However, i think there should be a checkpoint at each diminsion change. Otherwise it is impossible to ever make it all the way through. Make more please!
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