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Great! _o_ 10/10
And I think there can be bug in Algodoo v2.0.1b10 or in this scene.
When you set sim-speed 0.1 or so, the "Gas energy" info tells a lie.:D
My first try is scored 31400 point. Still remaining 4 balls :lol:
Thanks for enjoying this game!:)
Very cool!
I've improved the script.:)
(e)=>{((readable(e.this)).vel(0) > 0 && (e.other + "" == "circle")) ? { = + 1} : {}}
I suggest to change color of count-box into black for readability.:)

NOTE: When I uploaded scene responce, I've accidentally edited this scene (It says "Last edited at 2012/03/15 11:52:34 by tatt61880"), sorry. I've fixed it immediately.
Last edited at 2012/03/15 11:55:49 by tatt61880
I was amazed by the result.
What an interestiong world!
Thanks for your comment. :)
Do not forget link0007 who posted scene to which I responsed.;)
(link0007 is who contributed for Phun/Algodoo forum and Phunbox/Algobox very much)
Last edited at 2012/03/17 12:40:26 by tatt61880
It's not my original idea, btw.
My scene is just an imitation.
Not so difficult :tup:
@d maker
It took very long time to create.
This scene is for Algodoo.
Even if you don't have Algodoo license, you can enjoy this scene with Algodoo Play.:)
I liked "J";)
Last edited at 2012/04/14 02:03:13 by tatt61880
I've geven up to solve this puzzle. :lol:
I don't meant that you have to put block over an image which isn't moving. The image is just for showing correct image for answer.:)
You can solve this only with drag-tool.
Hi, I expected to be asked English description. :lol:

This scene is scene response for "make bridge Ver. 0.1".:)
"make bridge Ver. 0.1" is a scene for a mission.
Mission: Make a bridge as strong as possible. You can use prepared boxes and hinges.
Last edited at 2012/05/15 15:42:49 by tatt61880
Beautiful and interesting. 10/10
Welcome back.:)
I think you can use entity.angle instead of readable(owner)).angle:)
Have you read Changelog?;)
'owner' has been replaced to 'entity'. Re: 2.0.2 beta

'owner' has an issue Re: Thyme: how to get owner info at inside of IF statement
Last edited at 2012/06/02 22:15:13 by tatt61880
Stretching hinge is not issue.
The issue is randomness.
Try again and again.
Sliky doesn't always success. It's such a toy.:)
Thanks for your comment:D
Great! :tup:
Do it!!
(NOTE: Be careful about patent issue)
I've uploaded more simple one.:)
Animation puzzle
Last edited at 2013/03/09 01:47:40 by tatt61880
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