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Good creativity.:D
So cute :lol:
Cool. :)
Thank you for your good translation.:)
[quote="Mr. crash"]2 DC HAahahaaa... what's wrong? It's made in phun! Let's remove the scripting ability so I can't make these! [/quote]
The scripting ability is not for making malicious scenes.

For users:
Read the top comment (electronicboy's one) to save your Phun.:)
Last edited at 2010/09/26 11:29:46 by tatt61880

Please run it with Phun v5.28.;)
He made it with Phun.:)
"created with: phun" =)
My high score is 125,800 now. :lol:
HIGH score, your score is! :lol:
Last edited at 2010/10/07 12:46:49 by tatt61880
Rated 10/10 and added to my favorite. :)
Last edited at 2010/10/07 12:44:34 by tatt61880
Have you watched the video below?:)

Phun - Handmade Locoroco 【Phun◊Locoroco -- Phunでやわらかいものを作ってみた】
(created by Colors324)
Is it impossible to move this indicator?
i.e. Should the indicator be fixed to background?
Thanks for telling me the result.:)
I feel 28% is not so bad score for this scene.

My old PC must return more bad results. :lol:
As electronicboy wrote, this scene is for measuring performance.:)

Thanks! I've added my scene description a bit.
Merry Christmas!
@wild bill
Thanks for your comment! :tup:

This script can be used for creating some kind games.
Last edited at 2011/03/06 03:33:47 by tatt61880
Updated the scene, please try it again.;)
Create your game on Phun.:)
Have you created the scene? … p?id=42776
Last edited at 2011/04/23 04:43:23 by tatt61880 … amp;t=3984
Visit Algodoo forum for entry.:)
Last edited at 2011/05/14 12:48:06 by tatt61880
> (under construction)

Amazing... :lol:
Cool. :tup:

Please do not off topic, by the way.:)
Last edited at 2011/06/29 15:07:17 by tatt61880
With my PC (Windows 7), the scene focuses on mouse position.
Please try "Enable anti-aliasing through shaders" (Which checkbox is in Options-Rendering) on.;)
Last edited at 2011/07/22 15:10:38 by tatt61880
I've been interested in this scene.

When I press some key, sometimes 4 geoms are created. I suggest to improve the scene.

Currently, lasers have maxRays = 1000 in their property.
It means that lasers can be refracted/reflected 1000 times.
When you set maxRays = 1, the lasers won't be refracted/reflected.
So onLaserHit can be called only once when you press one key.

i.e. I suggest to change maxRays for preventing extra geoms.
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