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it's "nom nom":yum:
to prevent bad ratings:
give credit to who made those weapons.
i know you didn't make those
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I like reloading process!
u know that thing i showed u?
remember status display thingy?
try using it to make lever at the back automatic:tup:
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Last edited at 2010/01/15 21:47:23 by |)aFt Punk
that guy looks like RusInventors
and the design too
we need like 10 of these weapons
thats some keyboard.
U sould get a new one
i tried, but i got lazy:bonk:
i'm not realy good at walking mechanisms
but thanks!
as i said before,
weapons that go
SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!1!!

i was thinking of using those "Emil gears" to control each gun the same way when they get into position
one gear controls the gaers that aim the gun, the other operaters the firing mechanism

also i want to ask for permision to tweak this a bit before it goes on the
.... Collab tank? (i Forgot what it was called):s:coolgrin:
Last edited at 2010/01/16 14:54:46 by |)aFt Punk
now that's cool.
i love how it reloads.
but you could make it so that instead of continous firing, you cuold control when it fires.:coolgrin:
Russian conversation:D
:D :D :D
yes. yes it is.
... i don't know if i should download this...:D
well, most.
.. i guess someting russian we don't know about..
i have a sony ericsson
...jouzaz7433, you cuss too much
they fool noobs
God doesn't use bombs.
17 day delay
ZEM NAZIS SHALL DIE!!!!!!!!111!1!!!!
_. . . . . _
Last edited at 2010/01/18 11:48:26 by |)aFt Punk
that scene was...:blink:
i hate people like that.
it's a physics simulator and people still make... that kind of stuff.
guys, he told you NAWT to press. you don't have to rate it down. noobs.
yes it's supposed to do that.
i don't get it either.:s
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