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I cant seem to get it working )|(
it wont fly for me for some reason
lol fruitmonger
you really need to put up a warning that this scene might cause seizures:bonk:
dont listen to freefun, he's just jealous, haha:)
its a nice scene, but i think there should be some sort of penalty if the police catch up to you.:tup:
Last edited at 2011/07/13 23:06:26 by |)aFt Punk
1. give credit to the original author:bonk:
made in phun and is 10x better than half the algodoo scenes out there.
i love this:love:
you're probably using phun.
this scene was made in algodoo 1.9.8 and uses lasers, so it wont work in phun
I understand that this is art, and it looks awesome:tup:
but i dont like to download a whole scene just to look at it ;)
still, 10/10
seizure water:o
*fail troll*
you bought algodoo and made this :|
Last edited at 2011/10/23 19:23:42 by |)aFt Punk
a transformer carrying a pistol
its the same scene that you get from opening up algodoo, except you've added two polygons:bonk:
and don't comment on your own scenes, *facepalm*
Last edited at 2011/11/10 23:45:31 by |)aFt Punk
doesnt jam much for me

btw guns is just jealous :P
(most of his guns have low ratings:bonk: )
So colorful! :drool:
very fun to fly;)
The tank looks amazing, especially with the new turret :tup:
it's really nice to drive too
the only problem i have is that i can't use the gun because my laptop doesn't have a keypad:/

Great work as always:D
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