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Thanks for using nexi!
and also for giving me credit:coolgrin:
by the way.. what is he sayin?????????:x
YOUR BEING MEAN TO BOB (the "hip hopper"):D
Whoever gave me a 1, pleez tell me why. I can probably fix it!:)
breakable shit
still is random...
gives me the illusion that there is a block underneath, looks 3d,
but does not give any reason to give it good rating.
DISSAPOINTMENT it looked promising to use for real, but u FOOKED it up
WHAT THE FOOK?????? KOCMOHABT 10/10!?!?!
that just shit
no taste in cars
putting shit on cars doesn't make it look better.:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
omfg hiz eye is iside is friggin head!!!!!!:bonk:
sooooo detailed, looks like a picture!_o_
the nissan gt-r is also my fav. car
you should make it so that you can click to make the helicopter go up, like the real game:coolgrin:
whats up with toll gate though?)|(
is it an animation:s :bonk:
why would someone download a scene for wheels?:D
it's faster than mechs i usually make.
or did you just play the scene for like... 5 seconds?
it usually starts out like that. u have to give it a few seconds.
Fruit monger, this isn't my best scene, you should try my other scenes!:lol:
Why does this have such a high rating?
judging from the fail box... i'd say the mech is only good at walking straight.
no rating
thats some funky armor ya got there looks a bit... weird to me
exactly. i was inspired by those.
also, tell me how many of you successfully did that trick?
the last thing explained in the scene
Last edited at 2010/01/02 17:03:54 by |)aFt Punk
without it being able to flip, it couldn't do aerial stunts
but i could fix it so that it flips under your control:tup:
Last edited at 2010/01/02 22:46:16 by |)aFt Punk
i should come up with a design for eyes that can move in all directions
did you read the intructions on how to fly it?
maybe u missed something
u say my mech is slow, make ur own mech
the "plane" in the movie is called the dragon:D
i believe the smaller ones are called scorpions..
try "avatar dragon" on google images
Last edited at 2010/01/02 17:45:34 by |)aFt Punk
pretty cool!:coolgrin:
now i know why i had to sign that contract ...:D
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