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Trophy make the KTM 450SX PLZ! I am using this for a couple project bikes but i'd love to see an ATV
not there, 1/10... sorry. :/
Last edited at 2011/03/24 21:12:54 by RacecarGuy
thats wierd that saem exact thing is on my algabra text book
Sorry dude 1/5 not there.
what are you guys talking about? I use the same system Trophytruckguy and Roman use in some of their projects (minaly trophy) but i designed my free coaster a certain way I'll explain later on in my comment, The motor should be running at full throttle before moving (push up after s has been pressed) The motor should stay at full throttle until up is pressed again. the drive train is 4, 3 sided gears linked with boxes hinged to them. when left is set as the brake option so the gear will move along with the crack shaft. Along with the free coaster. There shouldn't be any problems, post it in a scene response I'll take a look at it (you do hev my first 2 day "warrenty", The whole perpous is so i can fix bugs i mentioned that in the scene..)
41 ppl are off to a good start.
It's been a day and nothing is posted, I am considering your comments fraudulent and will be removing them in the next 24 hours if nothing is posted.
It has been 2 full days, no scene responses posted. Not even comments back, I am considering your comments fraudulent. Please, don't try and say my scenes don't work, I worked hard on this. Your comments have been removed also.
I do belive the real name is the Kaiser Jeep M35A2
not to be mean, but 1/10 it's not there in phun
I'm gunna use this as a modification project, from me and my friends who make up TRR (none have phun or algodoo yet.) When you see that I uploaded it please take credit if I haven't given it too you in the description.
yea and so what if it's running off a motor? I'm not very good at scripting so just back off. And Dare it powers the wheels, are you stupid? At least I create scenes that actually show up when someone downloads them. I keep all my stuff basic, I make mine so no one should have a problem. The engine runs off a motor (PooPingDung thinks he's Mr.know it all for noticing that.) from there there is a 3 toothed gear attached to the crank connected to another gear of the same size using boxes hinged to it, from the there is 1 smaller 3 toothed gear fixiated to the bigger one which is linked to another of the same size to the wheel. The gear on the motor crank and the wheel use the "left key" as the control to "brake" causing the gear to lock onto the crank and wheel causing the wheel to spin. So don't criticize my work at least my scenes actually show up lie I said.

Oh and yes I can wanna make a bet?
Plus my friend tests all my scenes on his laptop to make sure there is no problems. It's ligit I've spent 100 hours (no joke) working on this so it'll be the exact way I want it to be.
Oh and wheres the scene responses? I did mention in the scene if there were any problems to upload it in a scene response along with your problem. And also the other 203 people didn't seem to have a problem. Why just you guys?
My final comment until you guys respond, I am uploading a bigger version of my tractor. I would recommend you to not download it considering you are having a problem with my scene. So I don't have to deal with idiots like you guys that criticize my work:) . You following me?
Yea uhu I do matter of a fact. And yes 100 hours. You can go fuck your self I'm serious, atleast my "crap" can be used yurs shit don't even show up for christ sake. and talk about "crap" you guys use scripting and modifiying shit too. Atleast I have the skill to assemble something that uses more than 3 tings like many users on here. I was self taught on this i don't need any tutorials. So don't critiscize my work asshole, I was being fair the first time. Now your being the huge steaming peice of shit I seen you as from the begining. Make the Que i'll delete all the comments before you can belive it.
and aha try me u aint gunna like what im about to do.
I will ask RacecarGuy when he gets back, he's not here today, or next week, today is his last paintball tortement then he's going somewhere (i forget where)
It's an "oil filter" and a "fuel filter" theres no point to them yet considering we are not ready to upload or scripted versions (yes we script) until then, scripted ones won't be uploaded, they actually work, but for the sake of or subscribers/downloaders we won't be uploading anything with water or scripts. We keep or stuff simple so almost nobody should have a problem with our scenes. Just wait untill them (plus RacecarGuy's processor can't handle working with water anymore, he'll be getting another one hopefully soon).
We redid the tractor if you want to check it out, if you want us to install the new motor upload a scene response (or if you want we'll send one with the engine pre installed via email) if you upload it in a scene response we'll get yours done first.
And we redid it with Algodoo so look for the newest one.
He said yes, the only thing he wants is your e-mail so he can contact you later.
RacecarGuy wanted me to tell you thanks for using his bus:D
ProGrammer > I'll see if he needs it
PooPingDung > We are actually gunna do that, but we need to work on the scripts for a while when we start this project. Thanks for the idea!
ProGrammer > He said he only wanted your email so he can contact you about projects or send things back and forth, he said it's fine if you don't want to tell him. And yes, still lol.
retailboa > It is a bourke engine, we jsut made it REALLY simple, we are going to start a project on it and will eventually look like a bourke engine, we are also taking PooPingDung's comment to consideration we were thinking a spring engine, but if we can get the on colide script to work the way we want it we'll make it a spawn engine. Keep an eye out :coolgrin:
Dare > yes that was a problem we had we are currently working that out.
PooPingDung > Thank you!
ProGrammer > We are very fond of how you are testing things, thank you!
I'm not RacecarGuy lol, he's away this is one of his friends/team mates.
Yes, defintaly
Thank you, you are are an excelent worker, we are going to check your work so far add somethings or tweak and add it in a response to yours, so you can add/change things.
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