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and btw im gunna reupload it with my coustom ATV (not mine i just modded it)
ooh yea im gunna put u as a sponsor on my ATV so if u want add mine Team Red Racing
yea most the frame and body/shell was already made
definate edit reupload it when im done if u want
wht? why is this truck so fail idk wht ur saying?
check out mine that i edited
Last edited at 2009/12/24 20:36:32 by RacecarGuy
comments for custom trucks
Last edited at 2009/12/24 20:54:30 by RacecarGuy
nice i can do the work and reupload
sure it may take a while b/c im at relatives house i'll be back after new year i'd make it will im there but they don't have phun so thanks anyway i'll make it check for the upload i'll name it
ok just to let everyone that wants a custom vehicle i am back and i am starting on the all now allow time for me to make and upload
Kaien you have to chose from the list and i don't know how to do textures yet
im gunna edit it and reupload if it's okay with u
thanx for the lesson im gunna try it now
i can't do that but i have a frame already made i can use
nice nice 10/10 and sheepborg sometimes they have them in the back aswell
hey wanna download my edit of this u might like it
u don't need algodoo
hey wheres part 2?
nah it's fine the way it is i put some new shocks made by me there 70809KG + and there not all tall but it can carry more weight
lol igottabomb how are you amazed?
billybombill im not thats skilled yet and it sorta does cuz the hard drive moves almost like a real on
guys (not you igottabomb) learn something diesels are the most efficient out there ask me ik lots about diesels
srry igottabomb he's right i had to adjust it too
hey trophy, can you make me an 8 speed transmission that can pull at-least 365 KG and does about 1200 RPM total?
DAMN! I had a nice truck chassis I made with igottabombs F-350 Raptor body on it. But now it's delete cuz I installed windows 7:(
It's an MP5
5/5 trophy my neighbors daughter has one except its the 3500HD, now only if i can get her to stop ripping up my god damn lawn with the fucking thing.....
doesn't even ATTEMPT to stop....
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