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1. Four??
2. Taco
3. Ben
4. Iance
5. Leafy
Maybe they can just be free to watch
This is my first Bfdi camp where i took place in and if I win then I will be really schocked and happy at the same time. By the way, it doesn't matter for me who will win, The thing that matters for me is that we all had fun.:)
Good luck in the finale Flower and Teardrop.
Sorry but I had so much homework to do yesterday so I didnt have enough time to go to algodoo and to do the challenge. I'm sorry
challenge 1: 7
challenge 2:(not done)
challenge 3:(not done)
challenge 4: 1st i guess
challenge 5: 37
Golf ball
did the puzzle
did the race
so i'm done with all
good luck flower
Guess token:
The person guesses how many votes he got. The difference between that number and the total amount of votes he got, will be his new amount of votes.
congrats Flower. and second place is not bad
i dont want to vote. ;c
i like you all
1. climb up tree number 9
2. use sphere blow
3. use sphere blow again
4. use liana attack
5. hide
6. use stick smash
7. use sphere blow
8. use camouflage
9. use stick smash
10. climb up tree number 6
11. use sphere blow
12. use sphere blow again
13. use liana attack
14. use camouflage
15. use stick smash
Did it send
oh i see
I signed-up
BTW my character is shy.
Do in place of penny eraser
Why am i eliminated for not voting.
I dont have to vote and i dont want to eliminate one of my teammates.
Voting for myself is selfish so i vote [C]
A Strawberry cake with Strawberrys on it
1. Italy
2. I have no clue
3. Macky527
4. Dare
5. I dont watch Football
6. Idk
7. Neon
8. jjcool117
9. Mike????
Also i didnt see Kidest Araya's answer of 9
i vote [A]
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