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My first scene was to sing up for a bfdi camp but not enough people signed-up so i canceled it and made a new one. but still not enough people signed-up.
and my name is different in the show. my name is not marcygamez but marcygamerzzNL
guess token:
guess how many dislikes you got and the difference between your guess and the actual amount of votes are your new votes.
can i sing-up as Golf ball?
me too
i will be in the bottom three for ages XD.
altough i'm trying my best i will always be in the bottom three but i dont care about that. i care about that i did the challenge, that i had fun doing the challenge. i don't care if i'm voted out but i want to say that i'm having fun and if i'm eliminated than i had fun.:)
Drop the eliminated contestant in to a bottomless pit.
Also sorry but i didnt see the others episodes:(
i vote sun-moon
Ice Cube-5
can i sign-up as TD
Did challenge in a scene
can i join as golf ball
i guess i have to choose between firey and rocky to be on my team so i will pick firey on my team
like: td
golf ball
like: gelatin
I dont get the challenge. So i cant do it cause i dont know what to do.
1. Bubble
2. Eraser
3. Bracelety
4. Firey
5. pen
6. TB
7. TD
8. Flower
9. Match
10. Leafy
GB (golf ball)
i know that i am eliminated but i had fun and that is what matters.:)
you cant be basketball. only the bfdi characters since SlimeBlobFlynn already got the unknown debuter and basketball could be the unknown debuter so i'm sorry but choose someone else.
TD (teardrop)
1. firey
2. 3 times
3a. BFB 6
3b. A better name than that (ABNTT)
4. leafy
5. foldy
6. pencil, leafy, bracelety and liy
7. bubble (co-host tv)
8. firey got four out of donut but pin made the four form and revived four and four gave pin a token for that.
9a. eggy
9b. the episode when one of the losers will be eliminated (BFB 7)
10. Robot flower.
Golf ball (GB)
like: TD (teardrop)
dislike: TB (tennis ball)
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