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oops forgot logo D;
i pick on order every character cause i give bubble the chanche to still pick the characters she want.
1. Leafy
2. Firey
3. TB (tennis ball)
4. GB (golf ball)
5. Pen
6. Coiny
7. Blocky
8. ICY (ice cube)
9. Pencil
10. Match
11. SB (snowball)
12. Eraser
13. Pin
14. Rocky
15. Flower
16. Woody
17. Needle
18. Spongy
so if Matteo picks one later than me i still have it but if Matteo picks someone first she haves it.:)
And the characters on my logo i thought that that was my team
like: Golf ball
dislike: Rocky
Like: match
Dislike: rocky
like: woody
dislike: spongy
:( ok
td has been chosen so i will be Golf ball
I could only find the HSV value not the HSVA value but HSV value is 180, 100, 40 for teal
i'm super sorry but i didnt saw 2A but
like: blocky
dislike: snowball
1. Foldy
2. loser
3. tennisball
4. pen
5. puffball
6. david ep 18
7. Don't pierce my flesh
8. No she was voted for in episode 3 but eliminated in episode 4
9. because his voice was annoying and everyone depended on him to much.
10. foldy and stapy
7, 3, 1, 4, 8, 3, 9, 7, 2, 3
1. Pen
2. Fries
3. harm token?
4. Bottle
5. How am i supposed to know that?
6. basketball
7. 83
8. Pencil, Leafy, Bracelety, Liy, David, Loser, Golf ball, Stapy, David
9. green
10. balloony
17 maybe
teal please
Like: Blocky
Dislike: Rocky
Also i'm teardrop and i'm in BM but i'm not there UFE. Why is that?
Did you forget about me
what, why, hot, how, aqua, bat, bot, boat, auto, bow, hut, hat, hook, at, you, yo, to, KO.
Like: Eraser
Dislike: blocky
are tokens gone now
i signed up hopefully you can find my character
a pokemon fight.
Like: bubble
Dislike: pin
like: pen
dislike: eraser sorry eraser but you were not active. i choose people who didnt do the challenge and if all did the challenge than i cant choose but i have too so do you understand.
i vote for Maroon.
also i made poses. hope you can find it
Did the challenge
done too
why did the teams switch?
Like: bubble
Dislike: IC
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