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Did The Challenge:
Brown (The Watermelons)
Yellow (The Blueberries)
Light Gray (The Blueberries)
Black (The Oranges)
Dark Gray (The Oranges)
Blue (The Watermelons)

(YE BOIIIII everyone completed the challenge epic!)

(btw black you just had to do legs 3 and 4 and dark gray you just had to do 1 & 2 not the entire thing lol ill just delete the legs you weren't supposed to do though so eh)
Last edited at 2018/10/31 00:18:20 by ThatPineappleGuy
My favourite contestant in BFB mixed with my favourite colour is like being in heaven lol.

Yellow without a doubt.
I vote Pink because she got no lines this episode lol plus she seems bland in general. I know Lime and Cyan are also in those categories but eh I'll vote Pink first lol.
Nether I have a question. Flareonda posted a scene providing marble race parts for the challenge, and I wanted to let you know that I actually made them because in my camp Battle Of The Markers aka BOTM, I provided those parts because I also had a marble race challenge coincidentally (if u don't believe me look for yourself lol). I'm not mad at Flareonda, I just scared that you might've thought the Flare made the parts. So um can I technically use them without getting any penalties because I made them? Yeah cause I don't want to have to make new parts because I already started lol.
Last edited at 2018/11/06 21:56:01 by ThatPineappleGuy
Geez the first challenge was already tough, looks like I'm gonna have to work hard for these next challenges.

Confessional: Alrighty, time to start this camp!. Just to warn everyone, I have this curse apperently that every camp I join ends up getting cancelled so uh oopsies. Also Blacko, I'd like to join ur epic alliance because why not:P? I wish good luck to everyone, and I hope me and Orange win because WARM COLOURS RULE!
Ok, I did not expect the win, yet alone the best average, but hey I aint complaining, I am sad me and Orange are on different teams though, sad.

Anyway here are my rankings.
1. Black
2. Scarlet
3. Purple
4. Jade
5. Lime
6. Gray/Grey
7. Chartreuse
8. Glass
9. Magenta
10. Red
11. White
12. Blue
13. Loser
14. Gold
15. Rose
16. Skyan
17. Cyan
18. Amber

(btw pls dont get offended if I placed you low I judged this based on your challenge performance and just in general how well I think you'll do on my team)

Oh wait I almost forgot, MY TEAM NAME XD!

My team will be known as "The !sresoL"

Confessional time: Man, the challenge really tested my ability. Admittedly 1st IS nice, but at the end of the day, I don't really think any of this will matter in the long run, still happy of my placement though. I wish good luck to my former partner Orange on his team, but this is a competition so hopefully my team, whoever they are, will pull through and be successful! Also #PineapplesAreEpic!
Last edited at 2018/11/16 13:47:37 by ThatPineappleGuy
Sooo to clarify Black, Scarlet, Chartreuse, Gray, Purple, Lime, Jade, Magenta, and Glass are on my team, while Red, Loser, Skyan, Blue, Amber, White, Gold, Cyan, and Rose are on Orange's team? If so then epic!

I have also come to my decision on who to eliminate!

I am voting for [E], simply put, you are the biggest threat in the game up for voting, and my team would benefit if you got eliminated. I would go into detail as to why you're a threat, but I think it's better off unspoken.
Ok, so I'm done, but apperently people's predictions are getting taken down for seemingly no reason idk. At the time of this comment, 18 hours have gone by and none of my parts got taken down, so either I'm lucky, or everyone else broke some guildline and I didn't lol.

Con: Personal thoughts on the challenge, its impossible to do a "video" for this challenge. There's a rule where you can't lead anyone else outside of Algodoo, so unless you thought we'd do some sort of animation, then it wouldn't be possible lol. Well actually, it could be possible if you provide a link to a gif, cause thats what Black did in my camp BOTM for the intro challenge thing I had lol. This challenge was fun, but my prediction will probably be outdated after 1 episode lol.
Ok so I saw the original episode before it got taken down/deleted, and now it's back so I have to rewrite my original comment lol.

Haha yes best prediction out of everyone take the L peeps (yeah to those who don't know the preditcion makers are on the left and the guessers are on the right). However I am SLIGHTLY triggered that Loser and Purple beat me IN THE LUCK CHALLENGE!

Oh yeah, I didn't do the guessing challenge because 1 my prediction is still up so no needs and numero deux it's a luck challenge and I hate luck challenges. I know some people might say "oh ITS not A luck CHALLENGE you JUST have TO give A PREDICTED GUESS", but that still doesn't make it any less luck worthy because if you guess, you're just testing your luck. The prediction contained at least some skill in design, so yeah.

Also, Nether, I THINK you forgot to reveal which team is UFE, but I'm pretty sure it's Orange's team because my team has an average of 176.1 points, while Orange's team stands at an avergae of 101.66 points, so yeah hope I'm right. (Edit: Nvm you fixed it I was right all along lol)

Confessional: Oh yay, I now have the most points on the leaderboard, but actually that's a bad thing because now I'm a considerable threat so uhhhhh oopsies! Also, I'm disappointed in Gray for DNPing, sad. Also I realized my confessional wasn't shown, and it is now lost in the void of lost confessionals rip.

ok this isn't apart of my confessional, but I want to tell you ahead of time Nether that from the 7th to the 14th of December because I'm going on vacation, so hopefully you can excuse me during that time period, or better yet, don't post any episodes during that time period, although I don't think you can do that because everyone would have to wait for me lol. Kk thanks <3.
Last edited at 2018/12/02 23:55:08 by ThatPineappleGuy
Well rip my tokens. Now that there aren't any tokens, I'm now extremely vulnerable in eliminations, which makes me slightly paranoid. Anyway, I'm voting [B].

Kinda like my succesfully eliminated target Skyan, you're a slight threat and it would benefit my team. Not just that, you're not really...... the most worthy contestant to make it far. Like, the only reason you're high on the leaderboard is because you won the luck challenge, and based on observations, you don't seem to be the best in challenges. I don't want strong players to stay for too long, but at the same time, players that I think aren't worthy of making it far shouldn't stay in long either. I know it'd be more benefitial if Orange was eliminated, but he was my partner in challenge 1, and I think he is in general a more worthy player, so I'm leaving him in. You also got 2 votes last elimination, so you seem to be an easier target to get rid of. So yeah sorry.

Yeah I should probably shorten my comments but eh whatever. Also why are my confessionals not poping up? Are they too long? Did I submit past teh deadline? Clearly not that option because people submitted confesisonals later than me but popped up, which makes like no sense but whatever. Well hopefully I don't miss anything too important over my 1 week vacation so yeah lol.
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