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Ah..My hero academia! froppy is my fav hero h, though toga-
Fight to the death! it kind of sounds like escape the night? lol
hey some advice on the poses, you should change the limbs to the colour of the colour and use a box for points.
i don't watch football but uh....belgium?
Can i have olive?
I'll vote Red and Ivory.
im sticking with the my pedro whatever, hopefully im not the killer.
So um, syno's got far? hopefully she doesnt die soon.
This is really good!
no no it's fine, i tried to change it. There are kind of 'roles' but not really..
wait ohno immightdieimightdie
Oh...i wonder who is dead. I know that i'm safe atleast.
Oh, this is uh....b a d. I believe it was Azxytiu..( because, first about the a thing. A is the first letter of his name and this could be a part of proof. next part is that we don't really see him in the scenes exepect like one. Next about when it happened, azkytiu could of used his dodging and parkour skills to hide/ escape un-noticed. Azkytiu climbed up the high roof, and found somewhere to hide the thing that was used to 'kill' carrot. Azxytiu is also probs the hair thief. He could of used his sneaky skills to cut their hair. I have some proof that it's not me. 1. Why would syno give cargo a wig? 2. She's probs weaker than cargo and akumiara and wouldn't be able to cut their hair and she would be stopped. 3. What would be her motive? I see no motive. 4.I don't see how a is connected to syno.

Other possible killers: (Akuamiara, She was there.) (Pedro, he wasn't in many scenes)
This series has some of the best characters from bfb (excluding fanny, tv, lolipop, basketball and taco.)
I think i know who will die or what i think, atleast. Azxytiu (Killer) -- Jeanine (Victim) Cargo (Killer) -- Pedro (Mastermind) Syno (Tratior..?/ Victim, I think syno is either the trator or uh was killed by akumiara so akumaira would survive)
[A] This team has 3 boring members, so i'll start from the top.
oh well, he didnt do much.
shakes and cries no no no no nono pls let the ship live like pls psls[aada
0oof if i die i willchoke-
[I] [N] [F]
Void is a good boy smh
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