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Haha, love this idea XD airbus should make this
Ok, nice
I've been on vacation for 3 weeks, so i'll start on it again, once i have time... but i'm kinda bussy. (start of school, work, sports, getting up-to-date:P )
What do u mean?
hmm... i have to make something, so you can't shout through the level... i'm thinking of smth... what was your best score? so, when the score is lower then 8000 or smth, you are disqualified
Arrow keys doesn't work to change size etc. I redownloaded it for 5times, and I checked the code, but it doesn't work for some reason :\
I allready know those script, but I don't want to use those script;) I want oldfashion, but just with waterlock system
Make the wheels stronger:P It's very flexible for a wheelaxe:+

Nice scene though.

And maybe you should make the roof a bit stronger:P It's broken really fast,

Nice scene though.

:angel: :tup:
Nice nice,

I'd like to help you if you want, improving some small stuff, helping make levels, add some scripting for the best time you flew, and maybe add a shocker, so when your car/plane gets a too big schock, it'll break a small ball wich pauses the game.
So you can become game over:)

Maybe add a point sytem..

If you want this, please send me an e-mail, I think you have it?
Otherwise, pm me, Jelmerholland on the forums
I have another idea, i'm gonna make a hangglide game with the K-wings
15km:) and a safe landing
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