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Suggested before;) And that was allready my own idea:P was bussy with it, but it's pretty hard to make it work;)
Dman, how did you script it?:| Can I use the idea of the stabelizers? (if i know how it works XD)
Not my scene, just added a script;)
I held down the left button for 20 seconds, still didn't work
Also it lags very hard because you have about 170 boxes.. I give it a 8/10 because of this:
-Doesn't work for me (followed exactly your advice)
-It has no target to do, you can change the boxes, that's all... but this isn't a reason, it's your prototype, so that's not a reason of the 8/10;)

Keep going like this:tup:
The PCP rocks
Ihave some nice ideas, I'lll give you the credits of the idea.. but I think I'm gonna remake it completely;)
Ganfald, I had the same too 2 weeks ago, but you have to see what other people do, and then anticipate what that code does.. and try try try.... now I can do the basics... and make nicer scenes then I did before;)
Doesn't fly. :bonk: ..
Works, deleting water is good, but how the fock does it work?:P
Wtf, how????:angel:
I think I'm to make 1 too, scripted, that you have choise out of 3 types, and the machine fits it all together ^^, but I'll design that later
Tbi moeroe pobota bnaen?

I think this is something good:P 10/10
Why you posted dots????
No, the transparant line get's stronger and stronger... the alpha channel get's bigger.. you understand that? But the problem is, you can't but text on balls, so I have to make a box on it... but that takes a while;)
Then something went wrong in saving the scripts..


Right click on the hinge of the right small long bar. open the script menu and type in the motor line ""

Now it should work when you press start
Last edited at 2009/06/17 07:11:37 by Jelmerholland
Imade it for someone else;) It took me 1minute of work, I don't like it either, but someone asked me to make one because he didn't know if it was possible:+
Actually it's pretty easy... but I can only do this since I know how the If,then function works
Yeah I know, I have to make a better lock, like I said in the TODOlist
Quote: Ive got an idea...

To put sensors in each 'bay' so the packer knows if theres something already there?

// I had this idea too, but I have to think about a script that it stops at the right spot, and also I think I'm gonna make a car, so the speed is good, and I don't have to use springs anymore;)

Quote: Improvement

// To make the wheel faster, I did this too, but I forgot to put it back, I was checking for bugs, so I decreased speed;)... I have to make a better claw etc, I think I'm gonna completely rebuild it, now I know how the scripting works;)

Thanks also :tup:
Yeah that's fine, but i dunno how I should give it?:P
Can you please put a link to mine in it> and give me cred? now they don't see who made the orig, and I've putted >3hours of time in it... and for V1 even more, to figure out how the scripting should work
This air engine isn't been designed by Julio, it's a old concept, but I don't know from who.. I thought from NXTD or someone like him
Yup, you have to control it easy... with feelings for the helicopter, like this :love:

It isn't new
Lol, that with,, > 70? motor = 70... I see a lot of the same script XD... we are on the same line, maybe we whould make an awsome ufo together?
I still don't get how to make a gun that follow the mouse
Aha, but the problme is that the bullets allways go to the right.. where the deg are possitive.. I think I have to add 180 or smth like that
Okay.. but the problem is this.. when the gun is aimed to the left... the gun doesn't work... the speed is allways possitive... never negative... but Can I solve this by e.normal -300 for example??
Where can i find the real game? or did you invent this?
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