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Yes, its 4 Wyatt
(just incase you vote for the loser)
Last: White
109th: Wood
108th: Bright Brown
107th: Dirty Blue
P.S, Magenta got 1st in Leg 1, WTF
where is 1b? it should be out by now.
ill take red
jsperofan, heres a warning and the reason why i choose purple instead of cyan, sence cyan is the leader, people will vote u off first because its not fair that the LAST PERSON TO JOIN GETS TO BE THE TEAM CAPTAIN
all the very good ones are taken, eraser maybe?
wait, I didnt realise there was more recent signups
ill take purple
magenta got 1st in all 7 legs........ WTF
black please
Like: Red
Dislike: Prismarine
wait, does it need to be a full marble race or just a few legs?
ok, thx for telling me
finished mine
i noticed it aswell, but thats a super common bug in marble races i just noticed, im ok with 60 anyways, better than half is fine by me for my 1st marble race
i have no idea
also, im not sure if u make your confessionals in 1b or u show them in 1b, but just incase
Confessional: Good luck everybody. I hope i can get pretty far, but so many people arent doing the challange, 2 days until the deadline(right now) and only 3 people have done it
dammit thumbnail, u actually have to play the game now
fixed it
sorry, i had to reupload
sence algouser picked me
My team name:The Solar Eclipse
i was so late because bfmp isint showing up when u search for "Marble Camp"
and so does bfai
uh....... you DO KNOW that the deadline was nine days ago?
no, 11 days
ive just made a game for the team logo (it looks very bad because it was made 100% in algoodo)
your supposed to share it and call it "For SkylanderSam06" or something like that (We just reached the deadline, so do it IMMEDIANTLY)
Season rainbow

Outer 2: Cyan (Winter)
Layer 3-4: Green (Spring)
Layer 5-6: Yellow (Summer)
Inner 2: Orange (Fall/Autumn)

plus, you can make 1 for the northern and southern hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere Version

Outer 2: Yellow (Summer)
Layer 3-4: Orange (Fall/Autumn)
Layer 5-6: Cyan (Winter)
Inner 2: Green (Spring)
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