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Stormstar-, theres 91 OPTIONS to choose from, not 91 SPOTS, the signups will end when the olympics end, the signups will probably end at 20 or something
wait wth, its only been two days since i last checked on algodoo and its at 3a?
well thats FUNexpected (i suck at jokes dont i? *i nod in agreement*, well atleast i did it, thats nice.)
you forgot to add a name, ill put you on the list, but youll have no name yet
... note. you followed 1 1/2 of the 3 criteria.
[C] My Vote Will Have No Value If I Choose Someone Else
oh, its holding a flag. olympic camp, sry about that, its just that its a colour
well, atleast i wasnt eliminated from the time i last checked this series.
wait, what happened to this?
ummm.... what exactly does that mean?
oh, i forgot to add the ones to components
sign up for for someone else piiizza
how does that work, just say a hsva value
i guess [B]
its not going slow, its going as fast as bfmk season 1, while i do know some people who get 15 people sign up on the first scene, im fine with 1-3 per scene
my god, the opening ceremony deleted itself and all its saved copies when i was halfway done, because my computer ran out of memory....
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