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Pfft. I don't care
I just can ignore you! :lol:
@That_Book Play the scene and watch. I you don't i'll tell you.
The Bulldozer pushed marbles to pit of lava.
@That_Book And did you read the description? Read it.
I disabled this group.
Algobox still showing this.
And It reminds me a war in 2012 in algodoo. I'll tell a story if you want.

(Piano playing, got the reference? No? Okay.)

Its been a while, before registration i met some really old scenes.
So between this i saw scenes by user Spider11.
And looked Altugdelens scenes.

The two users maded a civil war in Algodoo. And one user (i think its a girl) kittykathren said stop this war. But they didn't care and still continued. The crazyjaydon maded a execution to them. Still didn't work.
This war lasts 3 days, Get it? Those users thoughly think Algobox is full of evil users or this is just joke. So it was more interesting if i was here in this serious situation. After the loooong war. They finally quit the Algodoo.

Where do they live? Still nobody knows.

Thats all of my story:*) . This will be in my Algodoo History Book 2009-2012:rolleyes:
Last edited at 2016/12/01 21:32:29 by Pootis-Man
We shold make a War. Because today Algodoo its NOT a Algodoo.
Its a Crapathlons Poster and MarbleRaceSimulator.
I'll miss you Algodoo.
Good Old Algodoo.

The Athlons,Marbles and Idiotic Camps... These maded a Algodoo even worse.
This is a Cancer of Algodoo.
I just can't ignore them. They are lot. Just why, WHY THEY WOULD DO THAT?
Im mad. Im mad not because the Algodoo is bad like this.
But from the scenes.

I started Algodoo since 2014 Then I Quit, without registrating. Then im back again.

(Song with Jontron's voice)

Last edited at 2016/12/01 21:54:04 by Pootis-Man
Did you took from me? Oh wait. You is
The recycle bin maded by me... What the hell
Im making some algobots. They not ready yet.
Xray is
Anyone teach me.
Wow! Awesome Work!:tup: But those lasers should be on minigun. But awesome anyways!
Pootis/10 Would use it again:tup:
Also it gave me a Next Junk Chipper Idea:lol:
Im ran out of ideas.
But. It have some issues.
Those fire practitcles don't have limited timetolive, that make PC Lag so hard.
That you can't press the spacebar and algodoo will crash:lol:
And pos of those lasers... Oh, i said that already.
Can i have it for My Car?
Or teach me...
And how those engine boosting up?
Sorry but no.
@That_Book First. Do you play TF2?. Second. Do you know the PINGAS From? And Do you want to begin war with me? Oh wait.
Also. Reported as Stealing the Idea :mad:
@Phun User Look my Crit and Sparkle effects! Hope you like it :*)
@FRA32 Do you liked my sparkle and crit effects? You can modify it if you want :*)
Play it.
I fixed it. Please rate my scripting skills
>Says impossibel challenge/
>Completed for 1.5 minutes.
Я тоже русский. Но (Прости если обидно) занимайся скриптингом. Тоесть в Algodoo ты можешь запрагроммировать какую-то вещь. Например. я Сделал кавдрат, которая делает искры. И штуку которая делает дым. Ну ты же понял.
В Algodoo есть русский по имени Килинич. Он проффессионал в Algodoo. Он даже запрагроммировал робота, которая кидает басктбольные мячи в корзины и еще что-то другое.
И еще. Большинство русских очень мало. Их было много в 2009-2010. Есть знамените русские юзеры типо Dominator и RusInventor и F-14 и Другие. Но они, забросили давным-давно. Килинича все еще есть. Но он сильно занят своимй делами.
Я так думаю
А уроки в скриптингах можешь искать в форумах сайта Algodoo
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