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You are garbage
Those algobots is... pretty bad.
Look at my.
U wot? I keeped up for 20 sec. Too easy.
Why do you do this? -_-
Why you do this? -_-
How to fix?
:tup: True Thyme Pro!
And plz teach me how to make homing missiles
also im russian
@somebook i wont't stop until they stop making this.
Your content associated with random BFDI & Camps & Athlons & Those characters.
This is "Cancer of Algodoo"
All those algobots suck!
I fell bad to you
Uhhhhhh.... okay
Like my algobots?
I know they pretty unfair but really funny
Ehm... What?
Make car YOURSELF! ) | (
Gotta to take them for the Next Junk Chipper:devil:
Lets be friends. :rolleyes:
Okay. I just ignore you and will continue my work
And im not triggered guys. I was laughing because just got triggered. He really marble race fan. Also i gotta make the junk chipper episode with this guy:devil:
Its a trump!
Okay. You deserve it.
You making this continue. Did ya know?
Also you cannot beat me! I have lots of parts:devil: . And you leave me no choice.
@That_Book Those idiotic scenes and these guys are killing Algodoo. You one of them.
@That_Book You too kiddo!
Forgot to say. I just suckes up your powers. And he should be weak. But anyway. Should we continue?
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