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damn it! i mean 1 day ago
I know some users
But i forgot their nickname.
Today users mades weird scenes....
Nice xD:tup:
And credit to lololoer for his fire
Also low size of file!
i edited
Its Team Fortress 2
Spooky Scary Skeletons!
Nice tank! :tupcool: Also finally normal scene!
How to make Its only in phun. But how?
It means no more marbles and BDFI & Camps?
Xray. Its too Hard to script. I just learned some scripts like addCircle and addBox...
Rate And Comment please! And at the end will boss! But do not zoom plz!
Forgot to Say! Press Numpad 0 to Start Boss Fight!!!
Omg! You Still alive!
How do you make those engines?:blink: Im just beginner
And have in algobox tutorial to make this?
Who this guy that chopped them? You?
Yeey! Popular user in algodoo is back! I miss you!
This is a turret.
I saw in one scene ( i forgot which) script that was aimed to moving targets. Its like homing missile. But without any variables. And i want this thing was homing. And above the turret lasers. But i REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO SCRIPT!!
Learn to script its like learn different languages!
I want your help for my epic scene ever i made! (Its still under construction Code name: The Run)
What does Zdepth?
Im need this with infinte smoke grenades.
My cat just eat them
Plz teach me how to make those engines
Cool but. Why variables won't save?
And do you know how to make variables like this?
laser : e._motor = true
on axle
motor = {e._motor}
Or something.
Check my Nascar car:D
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