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wtf this isn't what phun is for! go make this in paint and upload the image somewhere else-waste of bandwidth -10000
@384hiroya 落ち着く
@ajb103 lol it works in phun
@ajb103 you have to think about it real hard lol
is that what the k in mp5k is? kurz? never knew that... btw pretty cool. 9/10
i was under the impression in shot... 5/10
@me and my crazy ideas
wow that script is cool!!!:)
ahhh! i just started making an M2 this week! now mine feels crapp, lol:) :tup:
): Its good but its mostly yuras12... 5/10
done before...but still good
very nice yuras12! probably the most realistic handgun Ive seen yet. keep up the good work 10/10
I don't exactly know what you're talking about, but on Algodoo, user-made scenes are saved to My Documents>Algodoo>Scenes.
That confused me the first time...
i agree
my friend told me to make it and call it an intervention. I think its from call of duty 4
80-60% yours!?? The ACOG, Stock, and grenade launcher mechanism is mine!!! i'd be suprised if 20% is yours!!!!:tdown: :mad:
Oh thats right, I saw this on the Military channel a couple of years ago. I think it has the most accurate long range grouping or something along those lines.

@Raydeg Thanks for rating. I did the no-gravity thing because I was experimenting with a matrix-style bullet trail thing and I thought I'd just through it in. Plus I am horrible at guns that use a chambering mechanism, only one was ever successful xD:)
hmm, thats smart:tup:
very nice, very nice
This is my gun. Please give creds....:|
Awesome man! I see you've still been working!:)
Yes. I'm back.

The horse is dead
Contrary to popular belief, there are two strokes that have cams, pushrods, valves, and pressurized oil systems
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