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santas not coming 4 u
fires extremely slow; still waiting for the first shot
its not ur first gun...... its like ur 16th
dude i never knew this was yours!
nice man, fast and balenced
da_vinci how am i theif?
looks like a G36c
btw thanks mate
Yeah, you can't have the C4s too close to each other, I use repel magents...

If the detonator don't work you might have to type {} on the transparent box inside the C4 as the density

And JackPL what do you mean?
doesn't the VIS have a hammer?
this type of engine has been around for a while, but good display. If only there were onncollides in real life:) 8/10
No, everything works fine. I assuse that making the e.other.density = >100 would make the engine faster?:s
Very cool!:) :) :)
[@yuras12 Ok ok ok! but the Athour on the file discription says "yuras12/sup3rt0aster"] (sup3rt0aster)

hes gotta point

PS its cock, not koch (fyi)

koch is pronounced 'coke' like Heckler & Koch G36--- unless you were making a pun, which is cool...more of a phun than a pun... LOL i made another one. :+ :tup:
Last edited at 2010/03/22 22:15:47 by poprocks4
and? i didn't way it was super cool
not to offend anyone, because everyone's guns are great, but aren't we just making the same guns over and over with different skins and slightly altered mechanisms? After Paradigm29's 1911, everyone just adapted that bullet to every conceivable gun. Shouldn't we try to make something new?
@RA2lover: oh, thanks. the first time i had ever seen them was in the 1911 so i didnt really know who invented it:s
cool 10/10:lol:
love_hate_war!!! haven't seen you in months!!!
the tanks does look eerily familiar...
Seige tank from starcraft!
did this exact same thing a while ago...
true dat
and you ripped my m4 on youtube
an revultionary invention! :)
i did, very powerful
This is just a picture from the internet cut out.:tdown:
not yet. Its a ejecting issue. Try decreasing the friction of the tube and increasing the lauch spring strength
@The shadow
sure go for it.
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