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I'm trying to make a bomb that withstands the force of the launch for the grenade launcher
The grenade launcher was never broken. You just don't have the newest version of phun that let's you make things that can't be killed
No it's not. It is a carbine.
why? theres no sound in phun
I dont know how to make a bannana clip without it jamming in the magazine
dude ur fucking retarded.
i found it without looking at the forum
i know, but i couldn;t find a solid semi auto that has a quick enough action
Sorry Guys, i already finished it! You can expand on mone, though.
How do I fix that?
escape pod is mine
How do i make it have a texture??
try fixating the clip still
the shell doesnt eject because it jams, i have a killer that deletes the shells
increase everythings mass
i saw in on deadliest warrior but its a different model
uses springs
its xm8 or m8 but very good looking!
actually, i completely re did the bullets, just the shell texture and bullet are the same.
who says rubbish?
Um, WTF this is my grenade launcher (not pyros) and why would you even do this when it was already mounted on my m4?
and m16s dont have a rail to support this launcher
Actually, the .45 caliber mp5 uses a straight mag, though it's at an 15 degree angle
ah, my dad owns one of these
i know this is just the first version. Its sorta like a concept test
The circle is the forgrip(:
Last edited at 2009/12/24 22:19:08 by poprocks4
thanks :)
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