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F*** you!!!
In this situation, Black and Blue are out, White and Cyan still not lost any lives (Total: 4, 2 for each). Maroon are safe.
Blue was out before.
=> White lost 1 live, get 1 left. Maroon are out.
Final result: Blue and Black won Rejoin Ticket.
Sorry, you're too late!
- 17th: Lime
- 16th: Orange
- 15th: Black(have just rejoined)
- 14th: White (can't be out => lost 1 live, have 1 left)
- 13th: Yellow
3 will be out: Lime(17th), Orange(16th), Black(15th).
Final result:
- 14th: Blue.
- 13th: Magenta.
Final result:
- 14th: Cyan (saved by above reason)
- 13th: Lavender
- 12th: Gray
=> 13th: Lavender, 12th: Gray
Smiley reported first, so:
- 10th: White
- ̣9th: Green
With my randomizer, 2nd reporter: Maroon and Blue are rejoined.
Final result:
- 10th: Sky
- 9th: Brown
Final result:
- 10th: Green
- 9th: Aqua-Green
-Final result:
+ 8th: Purple
+ 7th: Brown
Final result:
- 6th: Sky
- 5th: Cyan
Resuly: 3/5 votes for Red.
- 25th: Jade (Turqoise)
- 24th: Yellow
Current standings:
+ 4 for Red (nilsthegerman, HoxyHexBug, Bluigis,namphuong4[me]).
+ 1 for Yellow (YellowYoshi).
Why I vote for Red?
Do you know?
I'm a good fan of red, Yellow, Cyan, Black, etc. but I fell Red is the same as my personality, a rage monster, so Ivoted Red.
namphuong4, the host said
For the changes: 4 votes for that color, it'll win.
So, Red is the winner this season.
Sorry for the changes.
namphuong4 said
So, Red will have one more live for him in a random season, it can be season 9 because season 8 is working.
namphuong4 said
+ 21th: Scarlet
+ 20th: Blue
19th: Gray
18th: Pink
So, winner is Brown, 2nd is Pink, 3rd is Lime.
+17th: Brown
+16th: Navy
But,... R.I.P Red...
New notification:
Because my computer have been encrypted by virus, I had to fix and let my files lost.
I'll make the next part as soon as possible.
Thank you.
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