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Alert: All marbles don't have player will be eliminated in June 30th, 2017.
Please everyone sign up for the marbles.
Caution: 4 days left for sign up.
Sorry, sign up time is over (because I need time to make Light Marble Race Season 1). If you want sign up for BBME, please wait to BBMES2 Sign Up scene.
This time for custom winner by times in top 3:
Current standings:
+ Maroon: 2 votes.
+ Green, Navy, Orange, Pink: 1 vote for each.
2nd Update:
+Maroon: 2 votes.
+Green, Navy, Orange, Pink, Black, Purple, Black, White: 1 vote for each. (because Black is 1st, White is 2nd, Purple is 3rd when I play it).
Final result: Magentish, Very Low Cyan, Gold and Darkish Cyan are the boss of EBM#2.
If you not comment enough top 4, your comment can't be counted.
Boss aren't included.
+ Original Marbles: Lime, Pink, Cyan.
+ BBMES1 Marbles: Frostbite, Minecraft Chicken, SlimeBlobFlynn, icewolf153, Skinny Senik.
Result: Final 4: Red, Lime, Cyan, White.
I don't need you do it so far...
But thanks. They will have the 2nd chance in Season 6.
... And in Season 7.
That means Top 3 (White, Cyan, Red) will have 4 lives in 2 seasons( 2 for each).
- 18th: Lavender.
- 17th: Black.
Part 3 will be release when there's a comment for 16th and 15th place's marbles.
- 16th: Grey.
- 15th: Orange.
This is the Preview version.
Comment Top 3 winner.
Hey! You're BBMES1 player, you have to do my challenge, please!
Yes, because it is the craziest leg:).
Can you tell me what's going on made you laugh?
Is there any chaos as the name of Round 10?
Final result from all comment:
- 8th: Ice (2 votes for 8th, 1 for 7th).
- 7th: Purple (Chipej17 comment first).
I chose Purple for 7th place because my randomizer is: 1st marble.
Final result:
- 6th: White.
- 5th: Yellow.
Actually, they will have 2nd chance in 2 random seasons instead of next 2 seasons.
What? Nooooooooooo, why Red have to go so soon. T_T
I mean: comment marble that finish before Cyan or White.
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