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All of you can setting it. Sorry for the problem. They're 14 marbles.
Sorry everyone, this race just have 64 marbles.
Of course I can.
Choose to me Ivory, Smile.
Sorry Windows10, I know and I'll improve it. This's V1.0.
Why you not take me in GEM Camp???
This is a lap of challenges.:)
Just press d at 3rd leg.
Just report, I'll tell you the winner when 1 marble win 10 votes.
Ok! As you wish.
I forgot that 9th place in 2nd leg will be eliminated.
You have to hide the man in transparent.
There're 16 marbles, comment me from 1st to 5th.
Current standings:
Lavender:1 vote
Turqoise: 1 vote
XxNamounZK: 1 vote
Comment me your time left when you finish your course (if you finished before the button is gone).
My time left: 11.15s.
When have 4 left, it's time for ready to begin BBMES1.
Ok, thanks.
If you sent comment to me when I'm absent, I'll check tomorrow.
Absent time: 6:00PM - 1:00PM (next day).
Absent time changed: 6PM - 8AM.
Ok guys
Jack, can you join my "Big Brother - Marble Edition Season 1" event?
Amazingly that Cyan got 1st when I run your course.
Okay! You're in
Your request are acepted.
If there is no one join, I'll wait or I'll start with all player.
And that means all marbles have no player sign up will have original name.
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