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Day 6 - Magenta Eliminated
That's all! Thanks to everyone who voted!
Day 7 - Blue Eliminated
Day 8 - Voting! Again!
Sorry, this can't compete. It is much to heavy. And is much too fast. Sorry, please modify it or make a different one.
This won't work pnvv. Sorry.
Thanks!! I didn't think i'd get someone who loves pokemon!
You kinda stole my thing though Maks Maks. Please credit me.
777 SAVED US!!!!!!!
The one holding the controller pls! Also i'm cyan.
13 spots left!
Fine! No flying machines, scripted machines, and IT MUST BE WITHIN THE WEIGHT RADIUS!!!!!! I ALREADY TALKED ABOUT THE WEIGHT!
Also maxinum wheels is three
6 of my friends voted!
3 liked lime
2 liked navy
1 liked brown
1 disliked lime
4 disliked navy
1 disliked brown
Voting will end at around 4:30 PM Today!!! Get voting!
Yellow! Cyan was taken so I couldn't be that. DARN YOU TEAL790! Same with lime being taken. So my last one is YELLOW!
Shieldy! I would be firey, but he won BFDI. SO SHIELDY!!
I added the shinys!

FACT!: Flareon is actually my favorite pokemon in all, plus another thing is because he looks cool, and has a high attack power level!
YOYLE CAKE! Thanks for giving credit! Also the faces look weird when you change them. How about making them normal again? I just change them when they are eliminated! But thanks for making something like mine!
I didn't do anything anyways. And secrethide1, you are in!
It has ended! And since navy has more likes, brown is eliminated!
lightningmatt, there will but in a long time. Around final 7. And there is a debut that will happen at final 8!
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