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The Raging Rifles
Ok, here are my answers.

1.Yes (When she was scary)
2.Building Block
3.Firey, Match, Teardrop, Spongy and Woody
5.Match talking about how flower was scared of a little bug to Pencil.
6.To stand on a bar as long as possible.
7.Leafy, Pin, Pen and Needy. *Slap* DON'T CALL ME NEEDY! Fine. Needle.
8.Pencil won the 100,000!
From Cashy
a.k.a the old 4th wall breaker.
Run toast run!
I'm fine with you using my shop.
Just DON'T copy any of my tokens.
You can ask me any question here!
I fill in for Yelley!
Thanks for making me 4th!
Which is akward...
My fav color is yellow and I call it Yelley.
Are you excatly like me?
I HATE Purple too!
PowerPoint logo, Cyan and Lemon!
(Lemon the color, not the object.)
I'd say a Five Nights At BTTT.
For goodness sake, I keep on saying Ye- *zips mouth*
Yelley, my fav, join!
Orange team.

Cuz'... Y KNOT?!?!?!
Well, I counted that all dark marbles should be 4 blocks away in thier edit box, and, if I counted, Navy 1 should be Navy.
The other is a cheep rip-off of Royal Blue.
15th - Bright Ones
14th - Lava
13th - Forest and Desert
12th - From the Sky to the Ocean
11th - Yin-Yang
10th - Bland and the Blood
14th to 10th were in a fatal crash, meaning this is the second most people that crashed in a BMX cycling track!
9th - The Dark Ones
8th - The Uncommons
7th - Beach
6th - Rares
5th - Miners
4th - Through the Rainbow
3rd - Swamp
2nd - The Lipstick
1st - The Perfect Mix
Yeah, you're gonna go crazy aren't you.
Woah, WOAH!
Guys calm down. I don't like fighting. ):
Hmm... I guess I could excuse Teal, but Yellow, you did the challenge late.
I live in Singapore, which is a tiny red dot that no one but anyone that lives in a Southeast Asian country.
cares about.
I didn't cancel my AMR! I said it was going on a hiatus.
I'll try to do something non-marble related.
Cuz' right now I cannot do anything but marble related stuff.
And if I and the whole Marble Race Community (jspero77, Vinylicspice24, Aiden H etc.) cannot, I will not have basically anything to do in Algodoo.

Hope you understand. /:
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